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The Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer a futurist’s dream; it’s now helping drive the massive rate of data consumption beyond what anyone could have imagined even a year ago. Companies are struggling with the profound impact of exponentially increased data processing demand created by connected devices, automated processes, location-based services, cloud analytics and edge computing. Companies are challenged with operating in a hybrid function with applications, analytics, data, and security across multiple on-premise, edge and cloud scenarios.

Additional processing power is an absolute for a company’s continued success as the proliferation of connected devices continues, analytics are moved to the cloud, and artificial intelligence (AI) applications and machine to machine (M2M) learning grows. The long lead times associated with deploying a new or expanding an existing data center can sometimes hamper growth.

The big challenge is how companies can stay ahead of the processing curve.

Enter the Flex MDC

Data Centers

By their very nature, modular data centers (MDCs) are building blocks of the future.

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Ensure an extended life cycle and fewer maintenance issues for your new data center.

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Critical Power

Facilities cannot afford to experience downtime to power disruptions.

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Only the best vendors whose hardware is proven through design, build and deployment.

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Solution Overview

Flex MDC

Flex MDC

Data processing capacity when you need it, where you need it, and for considerably less of an investment than a brick and mortar facility. With lead times less than 12 weeks, your company can easily address the ceaseless demand for additional capacity.

Rackmount Solutions delivers complete modular data centers, including design elements, thermal management, critical power, and all infrastructure necessary for the unit to be fully functional upon delivery. This holistic approach allows your company to specify exactly what you need, and within twelve (12) weeks, receive your tailor-made, plug-and-play modular data center ready for startup.

Whether we’re delivering a complete containerized modular data center solution or providing only a portion of the necessary services or equipment for your data center needs, Rackmount Solutions puts our decades of experience to work for you.  We will help you reach your IT goals of today and plan for your growth needs of tomorrow.


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